Capernwray Diving Centre

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Meet The Team

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Carol Hack

Managing Director

Carol comes to the business from a varied background including service as an officer in the RAF followed by several years as a successful financial adviser. Carol controls the purse strings of the business, acts as first point of contact for customers and business inquiries alike, answers the ‘phone, makes sure the bills are paid on time, makes sure the men are getting on with their work(!) and generally ensures the place runs smoothly and efficiently. Carol has also dived extensively, particularly in exotic, tropical locations and is well placed to advise on gear and techniques for this aspect of the sport.



Chris Collingwood

Director and Operations Manager

Chris is the ‘face of Capernwray’ and the man responsible for the original development of the site. A hugely experienced diver and ex-RNLI helm, Chris brings his vast wealth of knowledge about diving and boat handling in general to the day to day running of the business. He designed the present in-water layout and personally acquired and arranged the sinking of the wide variety of wrecks and other features in the water. A mine of information, Chris is always on-hand to offer his advice about equipment, techniques or any other aspect of the sport and is more than happy to chat about diving in general and the facilities at Capernwray in detail. An expert technician, Chris also runs his on-site IDEST cylinder testing station  ‘Breathe Easy’.


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Kate Hewitson 

Restaurant Manger

Kate runs the Porthole restaurant here at Capernwray. Kate produces delicious food day in and day out, to feed all you hungry divers!   She is alos excellent at getting the very best deals from our suppliers, and ensuring that the food is not only very tasty, but also great value. Kate is an active diver, and has been diving for about 10 years.




Guido Quelina

Guido is a PADI Master Instructor,a TecRec Trimix Instructor, a BSAC Advanced Instructor, and DAN and EFR Instructor Trainer. He has been very involved in our local BSAC club, before crossing over to PADI about 14 years ago. He is a key member of staff, teaching in the Dive School, blending gas, working in the shop.



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Sandra (aka ‘er from Murphy’s Diner!)

Sandra is well known to our regular customers as she provides sustenance to all from behind the bar at weekends. A wonderful barlady, she also dispenses bonhomie with an equal measure of wit and repartee to those waiting patiently in the queue. However, if you don’t wait patiently she will give you a vivid demonstration of her unique grasp of Anglo Saxon prose whilst pulling your pint!!


The Part Timers

When you visit us, especially at the weekend, you will see many more members of staff than are mentioned on these pages.  These are our stalwart ‘part timers’, usually young people who help out at weekends and holidays when we are particularly busy.  They may be young but they are all divers and amongst their number we have Rescue Divers, First Aiders and DAN 02 providers. They will often help during the crises that occur from time to time at a busy scuba diving centre.  All of them are hand-picked and all of them will be more than happy to help you with any questions or problems that you may have.  All we ask is that you kindly remember that they are young people and they are only part time staff, if you have a particular ‘beef’ or any other problem, please don’t take it out on them but come and find one of the full-time ‘grown-ups’!



Sadly Murphy was put to sleep on 24/04/2011 after 15 and a half years. Who says burgers and chips are bad for you!

Murphy is the Capernwray mascot. He is not a diver, he is undisciplined and doesn’t work in the shop. For those of you new to Capernwray he will soon make your acquaintance, normally in the form of stealing your lunch, running off with your snorkel and using the front wheel of your car as a lavatory. Nevertheless, we love him and the place just wouldn’t be the same without him. Those of you with a nervous disposition are advised to stay inside your car with the windows firmly closed..!!